HAPPY TOWER The biggest help for mommy's little helper!

Designed based on the basic principle of Montessori pedagogy for developing a child’s independence and involvement in everyday tasks. The children will value the opportunity to be involved in preparing meals or in reaching the sink to wash the dishes in a comfortable and safe way! Kids step stool will be ideal gift for your baby!

✔ STANDING TOWER - The child standing tower that lets little kids be big kids! The HAPPY TOWER Standing Tower contains style, safety, and durability!

✔ DURABLE BUILD: and stable design safely bring your toddler to counter-height to participate in cooking, cleaning, crafts or other hands-on activities; made with the high-quality Baltic plywood.

✔ ENCOURAGE YOUR KIDS: Little kids love to help and be right with grown gives an increase in the cooking place, and this is the safest way to make that Happen! Four-sided railing with the 2 steps for easy climbing helps Toddlers to climb in and out of a HAPPY TOWER to build confidence and independence.

✔ QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: The HAPPY TOWER has been designed with the guiding principles of hands-on learning in mind, bringing children to counter height to encourage exploration, independence, and interaction with parents and older siblings. learning tower active standing stool is made of fine high-quality wood. Plywood is also a safe and environmentally friendly material, evidenced by the following certificates: CE, PEFSC and FSC.

✔ HAPPY TOWER is delivered in a disassembled state. The assembly manual will be attached and screwdriver included.

The multi-functional step stool…

Our HAPPY TOWER easily can be transformed into a table and a chair for enjoying meals or playing games. The multi-functional step stool combines two necessary pieces of children’s furniture into one. Of course, you always have to make sure that furniture latches locked before using Happy Tower as a tower, and the child should always be under the supervision of an adult. If the furniture latches are locked, you can safety use the item as a tower and be sure that the top part will stay locked.